Examining the impact of instructor-generated video in online graduate courses



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As the online platform grows and advancements in technology continue to offer new opportunities for learning, institutions will continuously need to seek out strategies that afford students the best opportunity to make meaningful connections from the convenience of their homes. This qualitative case study sought to explore the impact of instructor-generated videos in the online graduate classroom based on the perceptions of both students and instructors. Data was collected through student surveys, student focus groups, and interviews with instructors. Using the Community of Inquiry (COI) framework and the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (CTML), data was examined to determine the role video instruction has in the asynchronous learning environment. This study found that students perceived video as promoting instructor immediacy, clarity, and engagement. Instructors within the study expressed that video served an effective instructional tool for sharing expertise and offered a means for differentiating their instruction. Additionally, instructor-generated video provided an opportunity for instructors to present themselves as authentic and approachable. Based on both student and instructor responses, strategies for effective video creation are discussed. The implications of this research inform the knowledge base surrounding the implementation of instructor made videos. Results encourage the use of instructor-generated video within online courses and provide direction for creating more impactful multimedia.

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Community of Inquiry (COI), Instructor-Generated Video, Strategies, Online