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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Environmental Control and Life Support for Deep Space Travel 

    Stapleton, Thomas; Heldmann, Michael; Torres, Miguel; Bowers, Jason; Corallo, Roger (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
    NASA has outlined plans to transition from the Low Earth Orbit toward Earth independent exploration, evolving habitat capacity to support a trip to Mars, and return home three years later. The Environmental Control and ...
  • A Tailored Life Support System for the Single Person Spacecraft 

    Finger, Barry; Zimmerman, Brittany; Bower, Chad; Griffin, Brand; Woo, Caleb (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
    Equipped with integral propulsion and manipulators, the Single-Person Spacecraft (SPS) is designed for the inspection, servicing, and repair of exploration and commercial spacecraft during operational missions. No airlock ...
  • Thermal Management of JWST Cryo-Vacuum Test Support Equipment 

    Havey, Keith; Cooke, Dwight; Huguet, Jesse; Day, Robert (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
    In 2017, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) underwent functional testing and optical metrology verification of the combined Optical Telescope elements and Integrated Science Instrument Module (OTIS) under cryogenic ...
  • Swing Bed Scrubber Design and Test Integration Results for Carbon Dioxide Removal in the Ventilation Test Loop 2.0 

    Chullen, Cinda; Conger, Bruce; Mcmillin, Summer; Swickrath, Mike; Kanne, Bryan; Fricker, John; Arai, Tatsuya (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
    NASA is developing an advanced portable life support system (PLSS) to meet the needs of a new NASA advanced space suit. The PLSS provides the necessary oxygen, ventilation, and thermal protection for an astronaut performing ...
  • Low-Power, Chip-Scale, Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensors for Spacesuit Monitoring 

    Motayed, Abhishek; Chullen, Cinda; Rani, Asha; Shi, Chen; Thomson, Brian; Debnath, Ratan; Wen, Boamei (48th International Conference on Environmental Systems, 2018-07-08)
    N5 Sensors, Inc. through a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contract award has been developing ultra-small, low-power carbon dioxide (CO2) gas sensors, suited for monitoring CO2 levels inside NASA spacesuits. Due ...

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