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ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Effects of Oncoming Vehicle Size on Overtaking Judgments 

    Levulis, Samuel J.; DeLucia, Patricia R.; Jupe, Jason (Elsevier, 2015)
    During overtaking maneuvers on two-way highways drivers must temporarily cross into the opposite lane of traffic, and may face oncoming vehicles. To judge when it is safe to overtake, drivers must estimate the time-to-contact ...
  • Protective Behavioral Strategies and Alcohol Consumption: Are All Strategies Equal? 

    Blanchard, Brittany E.; Stevens, Angela K.; Littlefield, Andrew K. (Taylor and Francis, 2017)
    Given inconsistent findings regarding relations between specific types of alcohol-related protective behavioral strategy use and alcohol outcomes, the current study aimed to examine whether specific strategies vary regarding ...
  • Is subjective social status a unique correlate of physical health?: A meta-analysis 

    Cundiff, Jenny M.; Matthews, Karen A. (American Psychological Association, 2017)
    Objective: Both social stratification (e.g., social rank) as well as economic resources (e.g., income) are thought to contribute to socioeconomic health disparities. It has been proposed that subjective socioeconomic status ...
  • Behavior under the Condition of Anonymity: a Visual Analysis 

    Schneider, Andreas; Turner, Tom (Taylor and Francis, 2017)
    Analyzing photographs of abandoned hotel rooms, we forensically classify hotel guests who left their rooms into three ideal types. Goffman’s idea of impression management is central for indicating ideal-type specific ...
  • Black Folk Magic: An Autoethnography of Digitally Archiving Black Millennialhood 

    Thomas, Camille; 0000-0002-0363-0126 (American Library Association Editions, 2018)
    This chapter will serve as an outline for guidance on how information professionals can empower their communities to conduct personal digital archiving. It is part autoethnography, part how-to, and part environmental scan.

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