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Digital Collections
ScHOLAR – Texas Tech School of Law Digital Repository
  • Wind Legislation Strategies for the Lone Star State 

    Weis, Elizabeth (2018-05)
    Texas introduced Senate Bill 277 as its first wind energy siting law during the 2017 Legislature. The bill combats radar interference between wind and military equipment by exempting any wind farm within thirty nautical ...
  • The Role of Clay Swelling and Mineral Neoformation in the Stabilization of High Plasticity Soils Treated with the Fly Ash- and Metakaolin-Based Geopolymers 

    Mahrous, Mahmoud; Segvic, Branimir; Zanoni, Giovanni; Khadka, Sruraj; Senadheera, Sanjaya; Jayawickrama, Priyantha; 0000-0002-3769-7249 (MDPI Minerals, 2018-04-07)
    In the southern U.S. states, expansive soils are frequently encountered, presenting an important hazard in geotechnical engineering. This research relies on mineralogical and geochemical clues to explain the swelling ...
  • Hubris 

    Belian, Julia (Texas Tech Estate Planning & Community Property Journal, 2010)
    Discusses the corruption and other issues in various state Probate systems such as Texas, Connecticut, and New York. Goes into depth discussing several key players, such as John Hetherington and John Theofel, in New York’s ...
  • Home Run Baseballs and Taxation, An Open Stance: How a H.R. can be I.R.D. 

    Moore, Kelly A.; Poe, Adam J. (Texas Tech Estate Planning & Community Property Journal, 2010)
    Addresses the federal income tax implications of a fan catching a home run baseball and proposes that a fan acquiring such a baseball be initially granted non-recognition for gross income tax purposes. A grant of non-recognition ...
  • Excusing Harmless Error in Will Execution: The Israeli Experience 

    Flaks, Samuel (2010)
    This paper will study the origins and evolution of Section 25 of Israel’s succession law that allow the courts to cure execution errors that would have otherwise been fatal under a strict compliance standard. Argues that ...