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    • Ergosterol biosynthesis in green algae and its phylogenetic implications 

      Miller, Matthew B. (2014-08)
      The green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii synthesizes the protosterol cycloartenol and converts it to ergosterol (C24-methyl) and 7-dehydroporiferasterol (C24-ethyl) through a highly conserved sterol C24- methylation-C25-reduction ...
    • Ergot infested sorghum for swine and sorghum silage for sheep 

      Abdelrahim, Gamalelden M (Texas Tech University, 2000-08)
      Sorghum is the fifth most important cereal grain in the world after wheat, rice, maize, and barley. Incidence of molds and mycotoxins in commercial animal feed mills, if it exists, is a very serious problem. The first study ...
    • Eric Voegelin and Lao Tzu: the search for order 

      Kwon, Seon-Hee Suh (Texas Tech University, 1991-08)
      This is a cross-cultural study contrasting political thoughts of Eric Voegelin and Lao Tzu. Eric Voegelin argues that his political theory is based upon universal experiences. In the process of developing his theoretical ...
    • Erich Kästner als Kinder- und Jugendbuchautor 

      Hanesch, Angela Simone (Texas Tech University, 1999-12)
      Erich Kästner ist ein faszinierender Autor. Erich Kästner ist ein aktueller Autor. Er ist faszinierend und aktuell für Kinder, da Inhalt und Ästhetik seiner Romane sie ansprechen. Er ist aber auch faszinierend und aktuell ...
    • Erie Doctrine and the Structure of Constitutional Revolutions 

      Casto, William R. (Tulane Law Review, 1988)
      Legal positivism has been one of the more influential ideas in the history of American law. The general acceptance of positivism in this century virtually dictated the overruling of Swift v. Tyson and the creation of the ...
    • ERISA Preemption and Other Mysteries 

      Zanglein, Jayne Elizabeth (Texas Tech Law Review, 1996)
      The 1994-95 term brought many interesting and unusual employee benefit cases. In a bevy of cases, the court was a champion of participants' rights. Yet, the court was unsympathetic to participants who seemed to be taking ...
    • Ernest B. Welch's Graduate Recital 

      Welch, Ernest B. (1975-05)
      Composers in the first graduate recital: Camille Saint-Saens; Joseph Haydn; Reinhold Gliere; Richard Strauss
    • Ernest Bloch's Suite for viola and piano/Rebecca Clarke's Sonata for viola and piano: Winners of the 1919 Coolidge Competition 

      Schoenfeld, Susan (1982-05)
      Preface: My interest in examining Ernest Bloch's Suite and Rebecca Clarke's Sonata evolved in the following fashion. I had known the Suite since my early viola studies. Additionally, I was familiar with many works by Bloch ...
    • Ernest Hemingway and the Surrealist garden 

      Willingham, Kathy G. (Texas Tech University, 1995-05)
      Ernest Hemingway's longstanding mentor, friend, and ultimately critic, Gertrude Stein, once remarked, "But what a story that of the real Hem, and one he should tell himself but alas he never will. After all, as he himself ...
    • EROS data center 

      United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1976)
    • EROS data center 

      United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1978)
    • EROS data center 

      Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey: National Mapping Division (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1996)
    • EROS: a space program for earth resources 

      U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1974)
    • Erosion phenomena of arcing electrodes 

      Petr, Rodney Alan (Texas Tech University, 1980-05)
      Not available
    • Erosion protection for cotton: assessment of weeping lovegrass 

      Sajjadi, Amir (Texas Tech University, 1986-05)
      Wind erosion, a major problem of the world's agricultural region, is the process of detachment, transportation, and deposition of soil by wind. Wind erosion is most damaging in arid and semi-arid areas of the world, but ...
    • Error analysis for harmonic tracking algorithm using geometric control 

      Pathiranage, Thanuka W. (2013-12)
      Geometric Control Theory was initiated in the beginning of the 1970's and has now became a well established approach in addressing problems of tracking and disturbance rejections of time independent and dependent signals. ...
    • Error analysis of random switching 

      Corriette, Irene Camilla (2008-08)
      This thesis looks at the numerical solution of the Riccati Equation y0 = 1 - y2, which has a known analytical solution. This equation is converted into a two-point boundary value problem before being analyzed as an initial ...
    • Error rates in Poisson discrimination 

      Shayib, Mohammed Abdullah (Texas Tech University, 1979-08)
      Not available
    • Error-correcting codes for optical matrix processors 

      Ellett, Scott A. (1994-08)
      Many disciplines, such as antenna beam-forming and adaptive optics, require the ability to perform high speed matrix operations, which often can be reduced to a series of matrix-vector products. Analog optical ...