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    • Concentration gradient generation across 256 cell culture array in microfluidic device and mathematical simulations 

      Somaweera, Balapitiyage Jeewani Himali Kumari (2015-05)
      Biomolecular gradients in biological systems have been implicated in tumor-cell invasion of metastatic cancer. The migration and differentiation of cancer cells based on the location of the primary and secondary tumors ...
    • On stability of linear switching systems 

      Ma, Jie (2016-05)
      This dissertation is about switching systems. In chapter 1, the background of stability of linear switching systems is introduced; In chapter 2, some su cient conditions in terms of relation between eigenvalues and ...

      Temkin, Henryk; Liu, Shaorong; Ibraguimov, Akif; James, Darryl; Berg, Jordan; Hughes, Brice (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2007-11)
      This paper presents a numerical model of one-dimensional, steady-state, multi-species, ion transport along a channel of variable width and depth. It is intended for computationally efficient simulation of devices with large ...