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    • Comparison of Cotton Production Costs in the U.S. with Costs in Competing Countries 

      Andrew, Priscilla; Ethridge, Don (National Cotton Council of America, 1988)
      The long-run competitiveness of the U.S cotton industry in the world market is probably affected by the industry's production costs relative to other countries costs more than any other factor. Estimated costs of production ...
    • A Comparison of Regular Tillage and Wind Strips Using Weeping Lovegrass on Dryland Cotton in West Texas- Some Preliminary Results 

      Moore, Mark; Davis, Bob (National Cotton Council of America, 1988)
      Texas has an estimated 1.15 million acres of cropland damaged by wind erosion. Plant growth and yield are affected through soil displacement and and through abrasion damage. Adjacent fields, one with perennial love grass ...
    • A Computerized Remote Access Commodity Market: TELCOT 

      Ethridge, Don E. (Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 1978-12)
    • Cost Comparison of Alternative Stripper and Picker Cotton Harveting Systems 

      Brashears, A.D; Misra, S.K; Nelson, J.M (American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 2001)
      Abstract. This study provides cost estimates of alternative cotton harvesting methods, including four-, six-, eight-, and two individual four-row strippers and equipment combinations without and with bur extractors and ...
    • Cost of a Hypothetical Cotton Producation System: Closed Boll Cotton 

      Bargeron, J.D.; Brown, Roger S.; Ethridge, Don E.; Shaw, Dale E. (CAB International Publishing, 1981)
      Costs associated with a potential new production technology--closed boll cotton-- were estimated for Midsouth cotton used in producing medium-count yarn in a ring spinning mill. These costs were compared with costs associated ...
    • Cost of Ginning Cotton 

      Findley, Dusty; Isom, Roger; Todd, Lee; Green, Kelley; Willcutt, Herbert; Mayfield, William (1999)
      In order to make their gins more cost efficient, gin managers compare their component costs to industry averages. Also, potential gin investors use cost estimates to help determine the economic feasibility of purchasing ...
    • Cost of Producing Cotton in the U.S. and Competing Countries 

      Ethridge, Don E.; Andrew, Priscilla (National Cotton Council, 1987)
      The long-run competitiveness of the U.S. cotton industry in the world market is determined largely by the industry's production costs relative to other countries. Estimated costs of producing cotton in the U.S. and in nine ...
    • Cost Trade-Offs of Stripper-Mounted Bur Extractors from the Producers' Perspective 

      Brashears, Alan; McPeek, Brent D.; Bennett, Blake K.; Misra, Sukant K. (National Cotton Council of America, 1997)
      The objective of this study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of using a bur extractor in cotton stripping. Results indicate that the bur extractor has statistically significant effect on bur percent, stick percent, ...
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis of Bur Extractors in Cotton Harvesting 

      Brashears, Alan; Sukant, Misra K.; Bennett, Blake K. (Journal of Agribusiness, 1997)
      The objective of this research was to estimate the effect of using bur extractors in cotton stripping on foreign material in harvested cotton, on both quality attributes and lint turnout, and to determine the minimum ...
    • Cost/Benefit Analysis of Bur-Extractors in Cotton Ginning 

      Brashears, Alan; Bennett, Blake K.; Nelson, Jeannie; Misra, Sukant K. (1998)
      This study provides estimates for costs and benefits to the gin when bur-extracted cotton is processed. Results indicate that gins incur a net loss of about $3 per bale of cotton by processing bur-extracted cotton.
    • Cost/Trade-Offs of Stripper Mounted Bur Extractors from the Cotton Industry Perspective 

      Bennett, Blake; Misra, Sukant; Nelson, Jeannie (Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1998)
      This study provides estimates of cost/trade-offs of stripper mounted bur-extractors from the producer, ginner, and the overall cotton industry perspective. Results indicated that cotton producers incur net savings of about ...
    • Costs Associtated with Alternative Cotton Stripper-Harvesting Systems in Texas 

      Brashears, Alan; Misra, Sukant K.; Nelson, Jeannie (The Cotton Foundation, 2000)
      Cotton growers need accurate cost information for the various harvesting methods. This study provides cost estimates of six harvesting methods; four-, six-, and eight-row strippers with and without bur extractors. The least ...
    • Cotton Farmers' Technical Efficiency: Stochastic and Nonstochastic Production Function Approaches 

      Johnson, Phillip; Mirsa, Sukant; Chakraborty, Kalyan (Notheastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Assocation, 2002-10)
      Technical efficiency for cotton growers is examined using both stochastic (SFA) and nonstochastic (DEA) production function approaches. The empirical application uses farm-level data from four counties in west Texas. While ...
    • Cotton Gin Trash Availability on the Texas High Plains for Bioenergy 

      Farmer, Michael; Johnson, Jeff; Wilde, Curtis (2010-05-03)
      As the demand for bioenergy increases, agricultural products are being studied to determine their feasibility for use in producing bioenergy. One of the most important factors in the feasibility of the use of any product ...

      Welch, M.; Mohanty, S.; Fadiga, M.; Pan, Suwen (Economic Inquiry, 2007-01)
      Trade liberalizing reform in the world cotton market would increase world cotton traded an average 2.69% over 5 yr and increase world cotton prices to an average 10.5%. A partial equilibrium model was used to estimate the ...
    • Cotton Journal (April 1994) 

      Segarra, Eduardo; Seymour, Rose Mary (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1994-04)
    • Cotton Journal (November 1993) 

      Segarra, Eduardo; Wilbanks, Wendel; Leser, James; Krieg, Dan; Hickey, Michael; Hake, Kate (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1993-11)
    • Cotton Market Price Information: How it Affects the Industry 

      Hudson, Darren; Ethridge, Don E. (The Cotton Foundation, 1998)
      Price information is relevant to all sectors and participants in the cotton industry, but understanding of the roles of price information by industry is not widespread. This paper examines the role of prices and price ...
    • Cotton Price Responsivenss to Quality in the U.S.: Textile Mill Prices Paid Vs. Producer Prices 

      Chen, Changping; Ethridge, Don E. (National Cotton Council of America, 1993)
      An attribute pricing model was used to examine the impacts of cotton fiber characteristics on cotton prices in the U.S. market. Information on cotton prices and quality attributes from the USDA was used in the pricing ...
    • Cotton Quality Price Differentials From Textile Mills' Perspective: An Update 

      Ethridge, Don; Chakraborty, Kalyan (1999)
      This paper investigates price discounts and premiums paid for cotton quality attributes by textile manufacturers for three US cotton producing regions. Data collected from textile firms in the 1997/98 marketing year (1997 ...