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  • Shallowater ISD Yearbook, 1943 

    Autor desconocido (Shallowater, Texas: Shallowater Independent School District, 1943)
  • Open Access Week Panel Discussion 

    Thomas, Camille; Gollahon, Dr. Lauren; Densmore, Dr. Lou; Bruning, Dr. Eric; Chmielewski, Vanna; Serra, Dr. Michael (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2016-10-25)
    A panel discussion on open access and how it affects researchers and scholarly communication. Panel Participants: Camille Thomas - Scholarly Communication Librarian Dr. Lauren Gollahon - Biology Dr. Lou Densmore - ...
  • "West Texas Middleweight: The Story of LaVern Roach" author presentation 

    Sikes, Frank (Texas Tech University Libraries, Frank Sikes, Texas Tech University Press, 2017-02-23)
    Frank Sikes discusses his book "West Texas Middleweight: The Story of LaVern Roach." Available through the Texas Tech University Press.
  • Texas Tech University Town Hall Meeting & Space Assessment Presentation 

    Autor desconocido (Texas Tech University Libraries, Perry Dean Rogers Partners Architects, Facility Programming and Consulting, 2017-05-04)
    Perry Dean Rogers Partners Architects and Facility Programming and Consulting present their Library space assessment to the Texas Tech University community.
  • Barbara Ras - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Ras, Barbara (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22)
    Barbara Ras, San Antonio, Poet, author of "Bite Every Sorrow" and "The Last Skin"
  • Session I - Literary Nonfiction 

    Viren, Sarah; Peters, Clinton Crockett; Greene, Kendra (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22)
    Sarah Viren, Texas Tech University Clinton Crockett Peters, University of North Texas Kendra Greene, Dallas Museum of Art
  • Session H - Poetry - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Bush-Vadala, Clara; Aguilar, Leslie Marie (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22)
    Clara Bush-Vadala, Texas A&M, "Animals Inside Out: Veterinary Surgery and the Grassland Animals" Leslie Marie Aguilar, University of Missouri, "Border Song: Exploring Liminal Landscapes"
  • Session G - Nature and Multiculturalisms: Environmental Literatures as Social Critique - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Lewis, Apryl; Epstein, Jasmine; Russo, Bernadette (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22)
    Apryl Lewis, Texas Tech University, "Healing from the Ecosystem in Gloria Naylor's Mama Day" Jasmine Epstein, Texas Tech University, "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities: Susan Brind Morrow, Barry Lopez, and the Spiritual ...
  • Session F - Engaging Nature in New Territories: Perspectives in Environmental Pedagogy 

    Morgan, Luke; Lemon, Mike; Morris, Scott (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22)
    Luke Morgan, Texas Tech University, "Hope and Speculative Territories: A Heuristic for Effective Environmental Literature Pedagogy" Mike Lemon, Texas Tech University, "Pin It: Digital Mapping and Online Anthologies as ...
  • Stephen Graham Jones - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Jones, Stephen Graham (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Stephen Graham Jones, University of Colorado-Boulder, author of "Mongrels" and "Growing Up Dead in Texas"
  • Derek Sheffield - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Sheffield, Derek (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Derek Sheffield, Wenatchee Valley College, Poet, "Hitched: Fish & Daughters, Mountaintops and Trayvon."
  • Session E - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Hampton, Jill Brady; Ybarra, Priscilla (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Jill Brady Hampton, University of South Carolina-Aiken, "Fire and Ice: Gretel Ehrlich's Journey" Priscilla Ybarra, University of North Texas, "The Mexican American Leopolds: Decolonizing Love and the Land"
  • Texas Tech University Graduate Students in Architecture - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Verette, Christopher; Beam, Jennifer; Frizzell, Sergei; Lightfoot, Caleb; Becerra, Roberto; Ramos, Mario; Reyes, Rebekah (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Christopher Verette, "Liquid Gold" Jennifer Beam, "Playa Lakes within the Llano Estacado" Sergei Frizzell, "Projections from the Horizon" Caleb Lightfoot, "The Pyramid and the Cylinder" Mario Ramos, "Hidden Forces" Rebekah ...
  • Kate Brunson, "Works of Imagination" - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Brunson, Kate (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Kate Brunson, Texas Tech University Honors College undergraduate, "Works of Imagination"
  • Session D - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Armitage, Shelley; Francis, Theron (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Shelley Armitage, "Living Memoir: Writing the Llano Estacado." Theron Francis, Sul Ross State University, "The Poetry of Marfa Lights."
  • Session C - Creative Work - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Chavez, Joey; Brandl, Margaret Emma; Dinan, Nancy Wayson (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21)
    Joey Chavez, Sul Ross State University, "Memento, an Alpine Story" (presented by Theron Francis, Sul Ross State University). Margaret Emma Brandl, Texas Tech University, "On Keeping Notebooks." Nancy Wayson Dinan, Texas ...
  • Session B - Personal Essay and Narrative Nonfiction - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Caswell, Kurt; Smith, Jordan Fisher (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-20)
    Kurt Caswell, Texas Tech University, "I Don't Believe in Despair Anymore." Jordan Fisher Smith, California, reading from "Engineering Eden."
  • Session A - Creative Work, Sowell Conference 2017 

    Hueter, Diane; Jensen, Toni (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-20)
    Diane Hueter, Texas Tech Universtiy, "Summer Music: Old Poems, New Poems." Toni Jensen, University of Arkansas, "Women in the Fracklands: On Water, Land, Bodies, and Standing Rock."
  • Christian Knoeller - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Knoeller, Christian (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-20)
    Welcome - Opening remarks, Dr. Bella Gerlich, Dean of Libraries. Chritian Knoeller, Purdue University, "Islands of Time: Paul Gruchow's Legacy in Environmental History."
  • Stephen J. Small Reception - Sowell Conference 2017 

    Small, Stephen J. (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-20)
    Reception to honor Stephen J. Small, donor of the Stephen J. Small Conservation Collection. Welcome by Dr. Bella Gerlich, Dean of Libraries, followed by remarks on the collection by Stephen Small.