Directing a production of "Ellie and the Bear Man"



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Texas Tech University


The following document chronicles and examines directorial choices made for the original production oi Elite and the Bear Man. I directed the play at Texas Tech University's Laboratory Theatre, November 6-12, 2000, in partial fulfillment of the thesis requirement for the Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting/Directing. My first contact with the script came in April 2000, when Nlichael Moore, the playwright, approached me and asked me to read it. He wanted me to propose to direct it for Texas Tech University's Lab Theatre Season. He was interested in having his play produced, and he gave the script to me along with several other directors whom he knew would be proposing shows for the Lab Season. The Lab Season at Texas Tech University consists of student-directed and designed productions and exists as a supplement to the University's Mainstage season. The Lab season generally consists of more experimental plays than those chosen for the Mainstage Season, and another hallmark of the Lab Season is the frequent production of new works by student playwrights. For this reason, the Lab Season would be the perfect forum in which to have Michael's play produced.



Moore, Michael Dale. Ellie and the bear man, Theater -- Production and direction