Performance of Flight Compatible Microlith® Catalytic Oxidizer for Exploration Trace Contaminant Control

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2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems

Precision Combustion, Inc. and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center have been developing and testing prototype high temperature catalytic oxidizers based on PCI’s patented Microlith® technology to meet the requirements of future spaceflight exploration missions. Based on the demonstrated performance (17,000+ hours) of a subscale prototype, a next-generation prototype was designed to meet exploration contaminant load control demands while upgrading the prototype form and fit to match flight-compatible interfaces. Prototype design considerations intended to reduce power consumption, impacting process thermal and hydraulic performance, are discussed herein. We also report on the performance characteristics of the catalytic oxidizer.

Saurabh Vilekar, Precision Combustion, Inc., USA
Curtis S. Morgan, Precision Combustion, Inc., USA
Matthew J. Kayatin, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA
Jay Perry, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA
ICES302: Physio-chemical Life Support- Air Revitalization Systems -Technology and Process Development
The 52nd International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Calgary, Canada, on 16 July 2023 through 20 July 2023.
Catalytic oxidizer, Trace Contaminant Control, Air Revitalization