Experimental Evidence on Public Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Organisms Through Message Presentation Type and Source of Message

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The literature on science communication highlights the challenges scientists face when attempting to make their information relevant and meaningful to the audience. These challenges have prompted numerous investigations aimed at identifying effective ways to present scientific information visually to engage the general public. This study aims to examine how different genetically modified organism [GMO] message presentation types and sources of messages influence the public’s attitudes toward GMOs. Specifically, the research seeks to understand whether presenting information in text alone or with relevant GMO images can impact how the audience perceives and responds to the issue. Additionally, the study examines whether trust in environmental benefits act as a covariate in influencing consumers’ attitudes toward GMOs. A literature review on visual elements, along with research hypotheses and questions is outlined. An experiment is conducted in which participants are exposed to various control and treatment groups including textual, visual, and combined formats on GMO-related topics. Finally, the findings, implications, limitations, and recommendations of this experimental research are discussed.

genetically modified organism (GMO)