NASA Advanced Space Suit xEMU Development Report-- Wired Heart Rate Monitor

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51st International Conference on Environmental Systems

For the past several years, the Exploration Extra-Vehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) team at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) has focused on development and testing of the xEMU to support missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and a moon landing in 2024. In that context, this paper examines the development and detailed design of the xEMU Wired Heart Rate Monitor (WHRM). This paper outlines the challenging technical requirements, significant architectural trades, technical solutions required to overcome these challenges, and a status of the detailed design. The preliminary results of Design Verification Testing (DVT) as it relates to WHRM are also provided, along with a forward strategy for final maturation into a flight-ready design.

Ian Meginnis, NASA, US
Christopher Woodbury, NASA/Jacobs Technology, Inc, US
Jorge Rivera, NASA/Jacobs Technology, Inc, US
Michael Jennings, NASA/Jacobs Technology, Inc, US
Sree Sreedhar, NASA/Jacobs Technology, Inc, US
ICES400: Extravehicular Activity: Space Suits
The 51st International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Saint Paul, Minnesota, US, on 10 July 2022 through 14 July 2022.
heart rate, medical, xEMU, xPGS, biomedical