Integrated Roadside Management Manual




Sosebee, Ron
McKenney, Cynthia
Borrelli, John
Zartman, Richard

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Texas Department of Transportation


TxDOT, as well as other public and private agencies, needs to occasionally update its printed materials to make them current. The need to update the Roadside Vegetation Management Manual, a publication of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), can be attributed to a better understanding of the roadside environment. This document is a total revision of TxDOT Manual Notice 96-1 (March 1, 1996), which itself was an update of the November 1993 edition. The 1996 document was a modified version of the 1993 publication with various pages and chapters removed, recycled and replaced with changes. This Roadside Vegetation Management Manual is divided into two components. These are functional components and aesthetic components. As in all TxDOT decisions, safety is the primary concern. When no safety concerns are present, the functional components of the roadside management system are high priority. When the functional components of the roadside management system are satisfied, the aesthetic components are considered. The users of Texas highways want safe, functional and pleasing highway rights-of-way. This document aids TxDOT professionals and others in maintaining roadside vegetation.