Site-specific weed management in cotton and peanut using WebHADSS



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Current commercial sprayers apply herbicides uniformly across the entire field, even though extensive research has shown that weeds are patchy in distribution. There is a commercially available weed-sensing sprayer (WSS) that can detect and treat weeds, but cannot differentiate between weed and crop plants. Therefore, the WSS sprayer can currently be used for weed control only in the area between crop rows. In addition to WSS’s, computer-based decision support systems have been developed to assist producers with herbicide recommendations based on various inputs. The objectives were to (1) evaluate weed control and herbicide use in a site-specific management system compared to a conventional broadcast system, (2) utilize and modify a decision support system (WebHADSSTM), and (3) evaluate weed population changes over time.



Herbicide savings, WebHADSS, Weed-sensing sprayer