The Intersectionality of Law Librarianship & Gender



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Villanova Law Review


Like the legal writing community who has brought this issue to the forefront, it is important for law librarians to be fully included in the discussion surrounding statusXgender is the legal academy. This Article attempts to do just that. Part I of this Article provides a historical background in librarianship as a pink-collar profession. Part II discusses the pink ghetto in the legal academy and provides a history of law librarians within the legal academy. Part II concludes with a discussion of law librarians inhabiting the pink ghetto of the legal academy. Part III provides insight into the effects of living in a hierarchy, and Part IV concludes with recommendations for improvement.



Law librarianship, Pink ghetto, Legal academy, Xgender, Gender, Women and law librarianship


65 Vill. L. Rev. 1011