Development and Testing of a New Partial Gravity Urine Processor Design and Urine Pretreatment



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2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems


The Planetary Urine Processor (PUP) is a proposed urine distillation system for lunar or planetary applications, taking advantage of local gravity for phase separation as well as the movement and storage of waste feeds and product water. The PUP utilizes a stationary evaporator with an integrated disposable bag to process urine and capture remaining precipitates. This system aims to increase water reclamation percentage, reduce resource requirements, and enhance reliability/maintainability due to lower system complexity over the existing water recovery system used on the International Space Station (ISS). This paper focuses on the hardware development and testing efforts and the associated urine pretreatment development work.


Colton Caviglia, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, USA
Jill Williamson, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, USA
Yo-Ann Velez Justiniano, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, USA
Chelsea McCool, Jacobs Space Exploration Group, USA
Chelsi Cassilly, Jacobs Space Exploration Group, USA


Partial Gravity, Distillation, Planetary Urine Processor, Urine Processor, Stationary Evaporator, Disposable Bag, water reclamation, urine pretreatment, hydrogen peroxide