A global view of agricultural communications



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Agriculture is a global industry and instructors and employers are recognizing the need to improve communication about agriculture worldwide. This can only be done after learning and understanding what is currently being communicated and how it is being communicated to producers and consumers. The purpose of this study was to find what does agricultural communications look like on a global scale, and how is it used? The research questions of what methods of communication about agriculture are used in specific countries to producers and to consumers; how are the channels of communications similar by geographic region; what is the perceived importance of agricultural communications locally within a region and globally; what impact does agricultural communications have for the national and international agricultural industry were used for the research. Through diffusion of innovations theory and the concept of globalization, a closer view of agricultural communications was achieved through qualitative interviews of international students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources of Texas Tech University. In the findings, there is not a standard agricultural communications sector in the countries represented through the participants. However agricultural communication campaigns have been used in the past. It is recommended for there to be continued efforts and increased communication about agricultural information to consumers and producers would greatly benefit the communities to help understand agriculture products and the global impact of the industry.



International agricultural communications, Globalization, Communications, Agriculture, Change agents