Exploring Factors Preventing the Popularization of Sorghum Grain for Human Consumption in the United States



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Sorghum is a highly significant cereal crop that has been relied upon by cultures and populations for survival throughout recorded history and is still being utilized today. However, despite its potential health benefits and environmental advantages, human consumption of sorghum and sorghum-based products remains low in the US. This research aimed to shed light on the possible reasons behind this and to explore the ideas and attitudes that prevent the full utilization of this readily available resource. The study found that most consumers had little knowledge of sorghum 43.2% (n = 290) or had never heard of it 43.2% (n = 290). However, when presented with information about sorghum's potential health benefits, consumers expressed interest in trying sorghum products. Factors such as taste, price, and convenience were important considerations for consumers when making grocery purchases. The practical implications of this research suggest that increasing consumer awareness of sorghums’ benefits and incorporating it into existing products could help to popularize its consumption in the US. The study also identified several areas for future research, including investigating consumer perceptions of sorghum and its taste, exploring the role of marketing in promoting sorghum consumption, and evaluating economic factors and how they affect consumer food purchasing habits. Overall, this research highlights the need for greater awareness concerning the potential benefits of sorghum consumption, as well as the importance of incorporating sustainable and nutritious foods into our diets. By promoting the consumption of sorghum, we can not only improve our own health, but also help to reduce the environmental impact of food production and contribute to future food security. The increased utilization and popularization of products made with sorghum would be a move toward a happier, healthier, and more sustainable future for society as a whole.



Sorghum, Human Consumption