3D Modeling of Human Thermal Interaction in Complex Environments using the Wissler Human Thermal Model



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44th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Models for human thermal evaluation in extreme environments have played a key role in life support, suit, and crewed vehicle development at NASA for many decades. These models, which include the 41-Node Metabolic Man and Wissler models, among others, have proved excellent tools in predicting survivability without performing costly testing in extreme environments. These models have been limited, however, to predictions in simple 1-D environments rather than the highly directional heat load environments experienced in space exploration. A three dimensional geometric interface to the NASA version of the Wissler human thermal model has been developed in Thermal Desktop to better support exploration suit design. This tool is employed in complex radiation environments to improve prediction of survivability in real environments. This paper describes the composition of this new tool and presents results of its predictions in a representative exploration environment.


The 44th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Tuscon, Arizona, USA on 13 July 2014 through 17 July 2014.
Thomas Cognata, Paragon Space Development Corporation, USA
Tom Durrant, Paragon Space Development Corporation, USA