Endorsement Alignment between Secondary and Postsecondary Institutions



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Texas House Bill 5 (2013) changed graduation requirements from the traditional requirement of 4 math, science, language arts, and history credits to 4 language arts credits and 3 math, science, and history credits allowing additional credits needed for graduation to be taken through CTE or elective programs. Algebra 2 was removed as a required credit creating flexibility within the required 3 credits. In addition to the change in required credits per core content, endorsement programs were detailed by TEA for students to pursue which encourages students to take courses aligned to their workforce goals. Though TEA outlined proposed endorsements at the state level, individual schools retained flexibility in which endorsements would be offered. This policy brief discusses alignment between K-12 graduation requirements and higher education admission recommendations. Policy recommendations are included.


This policy brief examines the alignment, and misalignment, between secondary and post secondary institutions in the state of Texas after endorsements were defined by House Bill 5 in 2013.


House Bill 5; Endorsement