The history of education in Lubbock county



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It is the problem of this thesis to collect in one place this history both written and un­written. And realizing that information that is incomplete and inaccurate is many times valuless, per­sistent effort shall be made to make this treatise as complete and accurate as is possible at the present time. In it will be included an historical background which will go back to the creation of Lubbock County in 1876. This will be briefly followed up to its or­ganization March 10, 1891. The educational history proper will go back to 1883, when the first school was taught in the county. It shall be shown just when and under what con­ditions each district in the county was created, also all the changes that have been made in the boundary lines from the establishment of the first district in the county down to the present time. It shall also attempt to show the growth and de­velopment of the various schools from the small one ­teacher crude country schools to the two-four-six and eight-teacher rural-schools with their splendidly equipped brick buildings. A chapter will be given to the discussion of the independent district of Idalou and Shallowater, a chap­ter to Slaton and one to Lubbock, and the treatise will be concluded with a chapter on the establishment, growth and development of Texas Technological College.



education, educational history, Idalou, Tex., Shallowater, Tex., Slaton, Tex., Lubbock, Tex., Texas Tech University -- History