An Optimized Noncontact Vital Signs (NCVS) System for Potential Patient Monitoring Enabled by Robust Software Defined Radio (SDR)

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Monkeypox is starting to spread while COVID_19 is still around, and the seasonal flu also breaks out yearly. As many of these diseases affect the vital signs of the patients such as blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate (RR), and heart rate (HR), these vital signs data will greatly help the medical workers to do the early diagnosis. This paper describes an optimized Software Defined Radio (SRD)-Enable Noncontact Vital Sign (NCVS) system which has the potential to monitor patients heart rate and (HR) respiration rate (RR) remotely with very high accuracy. Dr. Lie’s lab has been on working on this project for several years, and a prototype system was delivered in 2019. The paper begins with the motivation that inspired the project. Next the fundamental principle of the system is described. An illustration about the hardware devices, their setup and software programing is given. The optimization process with experiment results obtained at lab and clinical trial data will be further discussed. Next, a conclusion and the prospect of the system are presented. Finally, test data verifying the integrity of the system is presented along with its use in additional applications.

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Noncontact Vital Sign (NCVS), Software Defined Radio (SRD), phased array