Hearing the deaf community: Miscommunication of medical accommodations

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Most people in the Deaf community do not see themselves as damaged or helpless, but accommodations allow them to live and experience life on their own terms. Making accommodations accessible gives them the choice of how to live their life. The purpose of this paper is to identify areas of miscommunication and accommodation service accessibility in Austin and Lubbock, Texas for individuals who are Deaf/deaf or hard-of-hearing. The Deaf and hard-of-hearing community will fill out a survey about accommodations and communication preferences throughout Austin and Lubbock. This data will be analyzed to show which services are being met by the community and which ones can be improved. Expecting to see that patients are not being properly accommodated which causes communication issues, as well as finding what accommodations are preferred and effective.

Deaf community, Accessibility (for disabled), Efficiency of accommodation, Disability services