On Death and Dying: Counseling the Terminally Ill Client and the Loved Ones Left Behind

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Estate Planning & Community Property Law Journal

Terminally ill clients go through psychological stages of dying, and each stage may have an impact on estate planning. Clients may also ask for unusual legal advice that is not normally what attorneys encounter. This comment argues that lawyers who draft estate planning documents need to be aware of these stages and be prepared for requests for unusual advice. After the death of the client, estate attorneys are faced with assisting the family with the management of the estate. This article discusses the implications of DNRs, Hospice, Social Security, Disability, Widows’ Gap, Medicare, Pain Management, and more to help facilitate the transition of the client and their family at the time of their loved one’s death.

DNRs, Do Not Resuscitate, Hospice, Social Security, Disability, Widows’ Gap, Medicare, Assisted suicide, Pain management
1 Est. Plan. & Cmty. Prop. L. J. 1