Tests performed on laminated glass bonded with a new interlayer composition

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Texas Tech University

The strength of LG varies with temperature, nominal thickness, load duration, and the shear transfer capability of the interlayer. Most of the published research regarding LG gives insight about the behavior of LG specimens bonded together with PVB interlayer. The objective of the research presented herein is to gain insight into the behavior of LG bonded together with the new HG/MD interlayer. The research consisted of measuring the mean failure pressure and deflection at failure of 19 specimens and of obtaining the shear modulus of a specimen with the use of a finite element model. The use of HG/MD interlayer resulted in increased LG strength compared to LG bonded together with PVB interlayers. The HG/MD sample had a mean failure pressure of 12.6 KPa (1.76 psi). The HG/MD sample had a higher bending stiffness compared to the PVB sample that King and Norville (1997) tested. Finally, non-destructive tests demonstrated that the HG/MD interlayer has a modulus of rigidity 2.5 times that of PVB at about 34°C (93°F). The higher shear transfer capability of HG/MD resulted in the high mean failure pressure obtained in the research reported herein.

Laminated materials -- Impact testing, Glass -- Technological innovations