No Shoes, No Shirt, No Education: Dress Codes and Freedom of Expression Behind the Postmodern Schoolhouse Gates




Myhra, Alison

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Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal


This article examines hair length regulations and earring prohibitions, the reasons why public schools might adopt them, and why, in response, students might resist them. The examination is made in the context of the Supreme Court's community values educational ideology and the realities of the postmodern world. Part II outlines the historical tension between teaching and emphasizing individual rights and freedoms to foster individual student development and growth and inculcating values preferred by the community majority. Part III argues that school districts must reflect carefully before making their dress and grooming codes more restrictive by adopting hair length regulations and earring prohibitions. Part III then addresses how courts should review First Amendment challenges to hair length regulations and earring prohibitions.



Public schools, Hair length regulations, Earring prohibitions


9 Seton Hall Const. L. J. 337