Recommendations for Next Generation Crew Quarters



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48th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Four Crew Quarters (CQs) are currently operating aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to support United States On-orbit Segment (USOS) crew members. These CQs serve as each crew member’s personal, private space for activities such as sleeping, working, holding private medical or family conferences, changing clothes, and personal downtime. The CQs have supported the ISS continuously since 2008. Since then, crew members have generated ample feedback based on their experience with the CQ. A new, modified crew quarters concept was investigated to augment the existing CQs and support the future increased USOS contingent. This new design is based on the CQ while incorporating crew member feedback as well as new commercial technology. Key areas of improvement are carbon dioxide mixing and washout, general illumination technology and layout, reduced acoustic emissions at higher ventilation flow to allow for improved thermal management, and more versatile sleeping accommodations. The new crew quarters design is also constrained by present-day launch vehicles, which are not capable of launching full integrated racks. These limitations may also extend to exploration missions in which a deep space transportation vehicle is outfitted over the course of several missions. Private spaces are essential to ensuring the productivity and alertness of the crew working extended periods in space. This paper will detail experience with the CQs and provide recommendations for modifications that will better facilitate crew health during long-duration missions.


Brandon Maryatt, NASA/Johnson Space Center
Michael Van Wie, KBRwyle
Toni Clark, Leidos, Inc.
ICES502: Space Architecture
The 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA on 08 July 2018 through 12 July 2018.


Crew Quarters, Crew Accommodations, Habitability, Long Duration, Ventilation