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    Open Textbook Network - Session 2
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2018-02-02) Reed, Michelle
    Open Textbook Network: Supporting Open Textbook Adoptions. Presented by: Michelle Reed - Open Education Resource Librarian, University of Texas Arlington. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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    Open Textbook Network - Session 1
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2018-02-02) Roberts, Jasmine
    Open Textbooks: Access, Affordability and Academic Success. Presented by: Jasmine Roberts - Strategic Communication Lecturer, Ohio State University. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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    Columbia: 15 Years After Exhibit Opening
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2018-02-01) Monroe, Monte; Lindsey, Col. Steven
    Texas Tech University's Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, The City of Lubbock's Silent Wings Museum and the Texas Aviation Heritage Foundation, Inc. are proud to announce a special collaborative exhibition titled "Columbia: Fifteen Years After." The Lani McCool family, the Evelyn Husband Thompson family, Audrey and Barry McCool and the Rick Husband Collection at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library have directly contributed unique items to this exhibit. A grand opening ceremony and reception will be held at 5 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 1) at the Silent Wings Museum, 6202 N. Interstate 27. Special guest Col. Steven Lindsey, who retired from NASA in 2011 as Chief of the Astronaut Corps, will present on the lost STS-107 mission as well as events related to the flight, the disaster and the crew. This commemorative exhibit will be on display through June 17 in the Timeline Gallery at the Silent Wings Museum. Regular business hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.
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    Retired NASA astronaut Col. Steven Lindsey Press Conference
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2018-01-31) Lindsey, Col. Steven
    Texas Tech University's Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library held a news conference with retired NASA astronaut Col. Steven Lindsey before his presentation at the exhibit opening for "Columbia: Fifteen Years After." Lindsey is a veteran of five space flights in which he logged more than 1,500 hours. He served as the pilot on STS-87 in 1997 and STS-95 in 1998 and was the mission commander on STS-104 in 2001, STS-121 in 2006 and STS-133 in 2011. Before retiring from NASA in 2011, he served as Chief of the Astronaut Corps. He is now the senior director and co-program manager of Space Exploration Systems for the Sierra Nevada Corporation.
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    Literary Lubbock 2016
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2016-11-10) Mahoney, Sylvia Gann; Medrano, Adan; Scofield, Sandra; Sikes, Frank; Corbin, Barry
    Literary Lubbock 2016, an evening featuring four Texas Tech University Press authors and actor Barry Corbin as emcee, was held on Nov. 10 in the newly renovated Croslin Room of the Texas Tech University Library. The TTUP authors featured are Sylvia Gann Mahoney, "Finding the Great Western Trail," Adan Medrano, "Truly Texas Mexican: A Native Culinary Heritage in Recipes," Sandra Scofield, "Mysteries of Love and Grief: Reflections on a Plainswoman's Life," and Frank Sikes, "West Texas Middleweight: The Story of LaVern Roach."
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    Coke Stevenson Exhibit Reception
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-03-31) Duncan, Robert; Murr, Andrew; Chandler, Jane; Monroe, Monte; Gerlich, Bella
    The exhibit reception showcasing the papers of Gov. Coke Stevenson. Remarks by: Chancellor Robert Duncan, Representative Andrew Murr, Jane Chandler, Monte Monroe, Ph.D., Dean of Libraries Bella Gerlich, Ph.D.
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    "A Night With Authors" - A Signature Literary Lubbock Event
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-10-27) Neugebauer, Janet M.; Horton, Bob; Draves, Nancy; Molina, Ruben; Wilkinson, Andy
    Benefiting the Grover E. Murray Studies in the American Southwest, the kick-off event for the Lubbock Book Festival featured: Janet M. Neugebauer, "A Witness to History: George H. Mahon, West Texas Congressman." Bob Horton, "Of Bulletins and Booze: A Newsman's Story of Recovery." Nancy Draves, "A Promise Fulfilled: The Kitty Anderson Diary and Civil War Texas, 1861." Ruben Molina, "Chicano Soul: Recordings and History of an American Culture."
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    Insights on the solar eclipse.
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-08-21) Maccarone, Tom
    Tom Maccarone, Ph.D., from the Texas Tech University Department of Physics/Astronomy shares insights on the solar eclipse.
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    "Did Quanah Parker Lie?"
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-06-20) Carlson, Paul H.
    Some scholars have accused Quanah Parker, Comanche "chief" in 1909-10, of not being forthcoming and truthful in several speeches he made - but most notably at the 1909 and 1910 Texas State Fairs - in order to protect his family's name. The statements relate to the 1860 capture of Cynthia Ann Parker from Comanches, with whom she had lived for nearly 25 years, by Federal troops. The statements also concern his father's death or non-death at the fight/massacre during the capture and Quanah's presence or non-presence there. Presented by Paul H. Carlson, Ph.D., Historian of Texas, The American West and Native Americans and Professor Emeritus at Texas Tech University.
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    Open Access Week Panel Discussion
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2016-10-25) Thomas, Camille; Gollahon, Dr. Lauren; Densmore, Dr. Lou; Bruning, Dr. Eric; Chmielewski, Vanna; Serra, Dr. Michael
    A panel discussion on open access and how it affects researchers and scholarly communication. Panel Participants: Camille Thomas - Scholarly Communication Librarian Dr. Lauren Gollahon - Biology Dr. Lou Densmore - Biology Dr. Eric Bruning - Atmospheric Sciences Vanna Chmielewski - Ph.D. Candidate in Atmospheric Sciences Dr. Michael Serra - Psychological Sciences Brought to you by the Texas Tech University Libraries and the Office of Scholarly Communication
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    "West Texas Middleweight: The Story of LaVern Roach" author presentation
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, Frank Sikes, Texas Tech University Press, 2017-02-23) Sikes, Frank
    Frank Sikes discusses his book "West Texas Middleweight: The Story of LaVern Roach." Available through the Texas Tech University Press.
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    Texas Tech University Town Hall Meeting & Space Assessment Presentation
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, Perry Dean Rogers Partners Architects, Facility Programming and Consulting, 2017-05-04)
    Perry Dean Rogers Partners Architects and Facility Programming and Consulting present their Library space assessment to the Texas Tech University community.
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    Barbara Ras - Sowell Conference 2017
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22) Ras, Barbara
    Barbara Ras, San Antonio, Poet, author of "Bite Every Sorrow" and "The Last Skin"
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    Session I - Literary Nonfiction
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22) Viren, Sarah; Peters, Clinton Crockett; Greene, Kendra
    Sarah Viren, Texas Tech University Clinton Crockett Peters, University of North Texas Kendra Greene, Dallas Museum of Art
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    Session H - Poetry - Sowell Conference 2017
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22) Bush-Vadala, Clara; Aguilar, Leslie Marie
    Clara Bush-Vadala, Texas A&M, "Animals Inside Out: Veterinary Surgery and the Grassland Animals" Leslie Marie Aguilar, University of Missouri, "Border Song: Exploring Liminal Landscapes"
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    Session G - Nature and Multiculturalisms: Environmental Literatures as Social Critique - Sowell Conference 2017
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22) Lewis, Apryl; Epstein, Jasmine; Russo, Bernadette
    Apryl Lewis, Texas Tech University, "Healing from the Ecosystem in Gloria Naylor's Mama Day" Jasmine Epstein, Texas Tech University, "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities: Susan Brind Morrow, Barry Lopez, and the Spiritual Cost of Natural Destruction" Bernadette Russo, Texas Tech University, "Eco-Feminism and Indigenous Cultural Resurgence: Wakening"
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    Session F - Engaging Nature in New Territories: Perspectives in Environmental Pedagogy
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-22) Morgan, Luke; Lemon, Mike; Morris, Scott
    Luke Morgan, Texas Tech University, "Hope and Speculative Territories: A Heuristic for Effective Environmental Literature Pedagogy" Mike Lemon, Texas Tech University, "Pin It: Digital Mapping and Online Anthologies as Mediated Space in Nature Writing Curriculum" Scott Morris, Texas Tech University, "Looking for Squirrels: The Video Essay as a Way of Seeing Nature"
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    Stephen Graham Jones - Sowell Conference 2017
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21) Jones, Stephen Graham
    Stephen Graham Jones, University of Colorado-Boulder, author of "Mongrels" and "Growing Up Dead in Texas"
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    Derek Sheffield - Sowell Conference 2017
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21) Sheffield, Derek
    Derek Sheffield, Wenatchee Valley College, Poet, "Hitched: Fish & Daughters, Mountaintops and Trayvon."
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    Session E - Sowell Conference 2017
    (Texas Tech University Libraries, 2017-04-21) Hampton, Jill Brady; Ybarra, Priscilla
    Jill Brady Hampton, University of South Carolina-Aiken, "Fire and Ice: Gretel Ehrlich's Journey" Priscilla Ybarra, University of North Texas, "The Mexican American Leopolds: Decolonizing Love and the Land"