“Secular Humanism” as an “Established Religion”: A Response to Whitehead and Conlan

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Texas Tech Law Review

Critiques an article published in the Winter 1978 issue of the Texas Tech Law Review about the evolution of the concept of religion in the decisions of the United States Supreme Court. The author says that the article is incomplete in its analysis of Supreme Court cases, contains factual inaccuracies and ill-founded assumptions, and omits any discussion of a possible solution to the perceived problem. The author concludes that the previous article does not recognize the spirit of toleration manifested in both the speech and religion clauses of the first amendment.

Religion, Secular humanism, Market place of ideas, Supreme Court, Free speech, Freedom of religion, Religious pluralism, The Establishment of the Religion of Secular Humanism and Its First Amendment Implications, 10 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 1 (1978)
11 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 51